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When it comes to your career and personal relationships, success in life requires drive and commitment to learn and progress. Even those with a fantastic career and exceptional family life still require guidance on which steps to take next, what skills they need to improve upon and how they can adapt themselves to maximize their personal potential. While many people seek the help of loved ones, advice from an impartial advisor is often a more useful resource. By talking through issues with an unbiased coach, you can work in partnership to identify and explore ways in which you can adapt your mind-set to ultimately become more successful.

Here at British Executive Coach, we help people to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. This is done not by giving people the solutions to their problems directly, but instead by equipping our clients with the personal skills to manage their own personal development. In a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, our trained life and business/executive coaches can help you clarify where you want to be in life. From there, we help you to put the systems in place to achieve these goals.

At British Executive Coach we can promise you dedicated support in a reliable and unbiased environment. All of our clients have unique needs, and our bespoke packages reflect our understanding of this. To find out more, visit our About page or make an enquiry today.

Our Los Angeles Based Team of Coaches

Our Los Angeles Based Team of Coaches

Our New York Based Team of Coaches

Our New York Based Team of Coaches


Our Services

At British Executive Coach, we promise you truly dedicated support without bias. Our bespoke packages reflect our unique philosophy: that the best solutions come from within.

We find out what our clients’ needs are; where they are right now, what they’re aiming for, and their unique strengths. We then guide them through a process that gives them the skills, knowledge and expertise to find the solutions that only they are capable of formulating – solutions that are lifelong and truly effective.

To begin your journey, find out what our bespoke packages can do for you.

Complimentary Coaching

Complimentary Coaching

British Executive Coaching offers Complimentary Coaching Sessions for young business entrepreneurs across New York, helping graduates with true business flair start on the right foot.

Find out more information by visiting our Complimentary Coaching page.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

We all reach a point in our life where we feel we are at a juncture.

During these times, guidance from an objective, unbiased life coach can be all it takes to discover the right path.

Strategy Advising

Strategy Advising and Business Coaching

Strategic advising and business coaching supports both individuals and businesses.

Entrepreneurs and budding leaders can learn how to successfully navigate their corporate arenas, helping prepare them for their journey to the top.

Career Development

Career Development

Whether you’re looking for a career change, new leadership abilities, or the skills for promotion, we can help you identify the qualities you need – and how to develop them with an eye for success.


Meet our Team

Matthew Storey
Matthew StoreyPrincipal Coach and founder of British Executive

London, New York & LA

Matthew is an expert consultant and coach, as well as a Wealth Manager/Investment Advisor and Business Entrepreneur. Much of Matthew’s success can be contributed to the setting up and running of a number of successful businesses over the years.

Although Matthew specializes in business and executive coaching, he also has helped a number of key clients with financial coaching over the years.

Matthew holds his coaching certificate from NYU where he now also gives presentations to those also training to become coaches themselves.

Tracy Meachin-Adams
Tracy Meachin-AdamsBusiness Consultant/Coach

London & New York

Tracy formed Dynamic Solutions, her own business over twenty years ago. She has successfully built a company that now operates across the world, from UK to Japan to right here in New York. She brings a successful track record in corporate training and business acumen, with experience of many blue chip organisations, from customer service based teams, right through to Director and CEO level. Her clients trust and know Tracy and depend on her corporate training style and business approach. Many of these companies have retained her services, ensuring every new team member is trained to the same high levels, maintaining standards and avoiding bad habits. In the wake of organisational change, Tracy can offer a range of programmes to ensure standards are preserved and sustained behavioural change is a constant. Tracy is a Master Accredited Coach and a graduate in positive psychology.

She is tenacious and serious about helping individuals and organisations to turn their company around to achieve their goals and targets. She is a warm and personable individual and when not flying around the world providing sustainable change, she delights in Formula 1, loves film and theatre yet is always a consummate professional, savvy and understanding.

Antonia Bowring
Antonia BowringBusiness Consultant/Coach

New York

Antonia is an experienced consultant and coach, with over 20 years of experience in corporate America and the nonprofit sector. As a management consultant, she worked with clients such as Federated Department Stores, Xerox and JP Morgan Chase. As a strategy consultant to nonprofits she advised Acumen, Trace Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation among others. Most recently she led Women’s Initiative for Self Employment in New York City as Executive Director, and previous to that was Chief Operating Officer at the Open Space Institute.

Antonia’s consults on a broad range of strategic issues facing nonprofits and startup businesses. She holds her coaching certificate from NYU and specializes in nonprofit leadership growth and transition, and coaches individuals around career transitions. She has a special interest in body image and weight management issues, and does group coaching on those issues. Antonia holds a B.A. in Political Science, M.Phil. in Development Economics and an M.B.A.


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Matthew has been coaching me for the last 12 months. Since I started using Matthew my income has increase dramatically. He has helped me focus on what I want to achieve and given me the confidence to obtain it. He is always there to answer any questions when I come across new circumstances. Thank you Matthew.

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