Complimentary Coaching Sessions for Graduate Entrepreneurs

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We firmly believe that the younger generation are the leaders of tomorrow; which is why we invest so much time in seeing them reach their full potential. At British Executive Coach, we offer complementary coaching sessions in New York for graduates with entrepreneurial flair. These sessions take place every month and are our way of giving back to the community – ensuring the best graduates are given the best start in their ventures after college. Our New York coaches have a wealth of experience in helping people identify their key skills and qualities, which is especially important for those fresh out of college. With so many paths to choose from, decisions can be overwhelming, which is why time with of our impartial coaches is priceless. Not only do these coaching sessions give graduates a greater sense of self-awareness, but they are also taught how to transfer their attributes into a job role or work environment, especially those wishing to start their own business on the East Coast.

Matthew Storey, our Principal Coach and founder, attributes much of his own success to launching and running a number of successful businesses over the years, making him a real inspiration for those also considering their own business venture.

It is absolutely imperative that we continue to invest in the US nation’s young entrepreneurs, and we offer unbiased advice that is specifically tailored to each individual. At British Executive Coach, we are committed to helping grow businesses in New York, as well as other towns and cities across the US, and by investing time in our new graduates, we know we can make a difference. It’s all about making sure that our young entrepreneurs are given the support they need, and with our complimentary coaching sessions, we can provide them with the confidence and sense of direction they need to achieve their dreams.